Brickell is an urban section of Greater Miami that rests just outside the downtown area. It is a gorgeous, dense, up and coming area that features beautiful real estate, top-notch dining, and a nightlife representative of Miami. Though rather small geographically, there’s a lot of people here. The population has been steadily increasing and is well over 30,000. In fact, it is one of Miami’s fastest-growing municipalities, and for good reason. It’s easily accessible by car or right off the metro and its host of amenities makes it easy to hang out in. Combine that with its close proximity to South Beach and you have a recipe for a truly ideal living area.

Brickell Map 

The residential buildings here stack up well with the city’s high rise commercial buildings and it’s tough to find much else. That being said, the high rise options are downright stunning. They are close to the water, many are newly constructed and all are meticulously maintained. Being in Brickell is a bonus by itself as many of Miami’s popular restaurants and clubs are within walking distance.

You won’t need to look far for food. Good food at that. Perricone’s is a casual-esque dining room beside a beautiful garden and also includes a gourmet market as the icing on the cake. The River Seafood at Oyster Bar as well as “Crazy About You Restaurant” are both eclectic and consistently delicious. There’s even a Trulucks where you can get your high-end, quality seafood without issue. And if you’re a true foodie, check out El Cielo where you’re dining experience will take place in the clouds (fictionally speaking of course).

Transportation is super convenient if you do need to leave Brickell, you can hop on the Metrorail or Metromover where a myriad of stops can take you to downtown, South Miami, the airport or farther North. Brickell is also close to I95, allowing you to drive or commute where you need too. Of course, you can always take a taxi if you’re going out and don’t want to drive, you’ll find the streets littered with them in this part of town.

You may be taking the metro, taxi, or another form of transportation to Brickell’s bars and clubs. Featured places include Blue Martin, Fifty, Finnegans, or the classic Tobacco Road. The last is a staple of Brickell, with reasonably priced drinks; people are bound to create some interesting memories.

On the calmer side, there’s some nice shopping in Mary Brickell village where you can easily access boutiques, services, and dining that will keep you busy on the weekend by day. You’ll find unique fashion shops, glamorous jewelry retailers, and plenty of the usual suspects like AT&T or Publix for your regular needs. It’s easy to access, beautifully kept, and keeps the fun in shopping.

If you can afford it, Brickell is one of the hottest spots to live in Miami. Real estate is at a premium and great condos are snatched up quickly as this area continues to grow. Having a knowledgeable local Realtor is essential to a landing where you want to live. But once you do land here, you’ll find the juice is worth the squeeze.