Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a focal point in the Greater Miami area; it houses the University of Miami and is home to a myriad of tasty dining destinations. While much of the population is concentrated at the University, there are nice, clean residential areas that litter the surround. The emphasis on beauty here and “The Gables” does not disappoint. Well-groomed lawns and idyllic Mediterranean style homes comprise the makeup of this municipality which takes its self-image very seriously. When you combine the quaint setting with the bustling, high-end shopping districts, there’s little to worry about. Except for the dining scene; which I already mentioned does not disappoint.

Coral Gables Map

You’ll run the gamut of nice restaurants in Coral Gables though you’ll find some of the best ones in concentrated areas. Miracle Mile is a well-known strip of both shopping and eating places. Here you’ll find some of the Gables most prestigious restaurants such as Flemings Prime. The more affordable place also lurk along Miracle Mile such as Hillstone or Benihana but still fit the bill those seeking a night on the town.

For those looking for breakfast after the aforementioned night out, you can check out Bagel Emporium; a small Deli/Diner. It’s a great family place to frequent on weekends, but be prepared to deal with the rush. There’s also the more eclectic brunch at the Biltmore Hotel which is served poolside. It is varied, scrumptious and utterly delightful.

The amenities throughout Coral Gables don’t start and end with food; the Biltmore sports a gorgeous golf course, complete with GPS positioned carts.  For those looking for more sporting fun, Splitsville is a restaurant/bar/bowling alley combination right on the border of Coral Gables on the top floor of Sunset Place. It’s a new, contemporary sports scene with good food, though you’ll have to be over 21 to enter. This does make it easier for adults to enjoy, however.

On the calmer, but still, an enjoyable sightseeing list is several historical landmarks that are true hallmarks of the Gables. The Venetian Pool is a grotto filled swimming area that sports underground caves and is truly unlike any other pool you’ll every come across. Stunning to behold and relaxing to swim in, it’s a must-visit. Equally beautiful and historic are the Fairchild gardens which are essentially an arboretum of beautifully kept plant life and structures. It is not uncommon for weddings or other big events to be held here due to the myriad of stunning vistas that grace the landscape.

Whether you are driving along the frequently tree-lined streets or dining in one of the classy outdoor cafes, you’ll enjoy your time here. It offers some of the most desired real estates in all of Miami with its close proximity to shopping on Miracle Mile or The Village at Merrick Park. People that like food, family, casual sports and beautiful sights will be right at home.