Cutler Bay



Cutler Bay is a less-recognized but equally formidable area of luxury real estate in the Miami area. Tucked away due south of most of the action, you can sleep soundly amidst the picturesque scenery that pervades Cutler Bay. As the name suggests, this piece of land rests on the edge of the water. This gives people to opportunity to own truly stunning real estate and in the area with considerably less business than the more northern parts of Miami. Though recognized as a part of Miami, Cutler Bay is a suburb at its heart, with a residential feel and vibe that makes it a great place to settle.

 Cutler Bay Map

Right in the proverbial neighborhood is Southland mall. It’s actually located on the western edge of Cutler Bay right near US-1 but is easily accessible. It has a full list of department stores like Macy’s and JC Penney, as well as electronics retailers, jewelry and apparel shops as well. You’ll find it’s atmosphere more family-oriented than some of the higher-end malls in Coral Gables, but it’s very well kept and comfortable.

Southland mall also sports a movie theater making a great one-stop-shop. The restaurants are decidedly sports bar themed so if you want to make a quick trip to watch some football or baseball, you can easily do that. Cutler Bay is small and dense, so nothing is really “far” from you if you’re local. There’s also plenty of dining north on US-1, just a short drive takes you past a myriad of restaurants. The Falls is an outdoor mall about 15 minutes North that features even more shopping and dining.

So what else can you do in Cutler Bay? Well since you’ll be a bit farther south, that means you’ll be closer to the Everglades. The Everglades Nature Tour is an awesome experience right in your backyard. Here you can go boating or hike through the Everglades. The boats look like supped-up hovercrafts and are a blast to ride. Though they appear unsafe, they are actually very secure and don’t go too fast when you’re on a tour. As long as you keep your wits about you, this is a great experience.

Additionally, as you’d expect from a town with the name “bay” in it, Cutler Bay sports a marina. You can dock your boat or even take sailing classes here if you prefer. Again, the proximity is great as you won’t have to go far. This has contributed to the rise of residential housing prices and helped elevate Cutler Bay’s desirability as a living area.

With some help from a qualified realtor, you can definitely find a  great place close to the water. Cutler Bay is very suburban but lacks the business of some of the northern cities of Greater Miami. It’s an excellent location to raise a family and even sports a local bounce house and zoo which weren’t mentioned above. With easy access to US-1 and the Don Shula Expressway, you can also easily make your way north into the heart of Miami if you need to.