Doral is a growing city located due west of Miami-proper and offers a nice escape from the bustling downtown area where many of Miami’s inhabitants work. It’s close enough for an easy commute but far enough that you can avoid all the hubbub when you get home. Considered more of a relaxing area, it features a nationally recognized golf course, budding real estate market and plenty of up-and-coming restaurants. Its population has been steadily increasing since the early 2000’s and the rapid expansion of high-end real estate has only fueled the desires of those looking for a quieter suburban setting close to the heart of Miami.

Doral Map

It’s hard to talk about Doral real estate and fail to mention its sprawling set of golf courses at Trump National. There are several courses available to play with a range of difficulty. The “blue monster” is one of the hardest courses in Florida period and regularly attracts the attention of pro-golfers through tournaments and media events.


Local shopping centers around Miami International Mall which has a lot of signature stores you’d expect such as Gap, GameStop, JC Penney, Old Navy, and a few restaurants. It’s a quick, easy ride to the mall from wherever you live in Doral and it gets to be pretty busy, even on hot days. Thankfully, this one is inside so you can safely shop here in the summer. Close by, but further west is Dolphin Mall as well. Less of a mall and more of a “campus” it’s huge and has plenty of shopping. It does have some unique spots such as Cinebistro, a restaurant movie combo with a bar. Not too shabby.


There’s plenty to eat here, from casual spots like Tony Roma’s or Miller’s Ale House to some of the finer dining that has come to life in recent years. Mondongo’s Restaurante and Patacon Pisao are two such places that get rave reviews and merit a visit for dinner. The creation of the Doral Trolley several years ago has made it a lot easier to get around to these places and it free. Hard to beat that. Just pack an umbrella in the summertime for the daily afternoon shower.


For the more outdoorsy types, there’s also a shooting range in town which is easily accessible. Continuing on that theme is Doral Central Park. With lots of open space, it is a perfect place to hang out or hold an event. Festivals are sometimes held here since it has the difficult-to-find-in-Miami benefit of ample parking. It’s typically a quiet venue without the presence of a major event and you can frequently see people exercising through the park’s expanse.


Doral’s value is on the rise. People looking to relocate to the Miami area or relocate within Miami would be smart to look here. It offers a unique combination of proximity to the city, with the quaintness of a true suburb. There’s plenty to do and to see and it’s a great place to raise a family while playing some golf. Space is limited though as the city continues to grow so it would be wise to seek professional help and get in while you still can.