Downtown Miami Real Estate


Downtown Miami is arguably the center of it all in Miami. There are clubs, food, shops, and places of work and of course, plenty of housing. Downtown Miami has become a hub for many large corporations, particularly financial services companies. As they seek to serve the continual influx of people who want to make their mark on Miami. The 2.5 million person metropolis certainly presents a unique opportunity to connect with customers. That’s also the view the various amenities take for those residing in downtown. There’s no shortage of anything in Miami, it’s just a matter of figuring out the best way to spend your time. Though firstly, you’ll need a good realtor to get you a good place downtown. Then you can enjoy the following.

Downtown is its busiest during the week when everyone is working as there’s simply not enough room for everyone to live where they work. But there are the lucky few who can do that in a gorgeous apartment or condo. Downtown is full of high-rises but not all are created equal, as in anything. The waterfront views are ideal and you can find one with help. Living close the water offers plenty of options for dining along the river which has a serene view. It’s a nice refresher after living in the hubbub.

You can enjoy e boat ride on the river if that’s your thing. It’s beautiful and probably is most people’s thing. The Freedom Tower is also a place of note to visit as a historical landmark. You’ll have to search carefully for a tour though as they can be hard to come by. Miami’s oldest Catholic church, Gesu isn’t far from the Freedom Tower and you can easily see some great pictorial history inside. It is truly something to behold.

The best food if you’re living in downtown is located in Brickell. Perricones, Tobbaco Road or Dolores but you can Call me Lolita are standouts. Brickell is such a short trip since it butts up against downtown. It would be easy to make your way over after doing some shopping at Bayside. Though locals learn what tourists don’t have enough time to figure out: there are a ton of smaller mom and pop shops around with great stuff. They tend to change but always for the better. New places pop up as downtown Miami is becoming known for its trendy living.

Though very quiet at night and on the weekends, downtown has plenty to offer including new real estate. There has been plenty of expansion to meet the demand and it is definitely possible to get a good deal in the heart of Miami. With everything around you, it’s easy to make your way wherever you need to.