Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a staple of luxury, known both nationally and internationally for its desirability but for its amenities. If the world-renown beachfront isn’t enough to satiate your palate, there is a plethora of fine dining. The shopping alone occupies itself in several books all by itself. It’s safe to say the real estate in this area is the best of the best. It’s some of the best land in Florida and some of the best breach real estate anywhere. It wouldn’t be uncommon for property owners to enter a dream-like state that after they relocate here. Being a homeowner of even just living on Miami Beach can easily represent a realization of the American dream for many.

The shopping along the length of Miami Beach reflects this reality. Lincoln Road, located midway up South Beach, is a long strip of boutiques and shop to satisfy tourists and locals alike. You’ll encounter small local shops that cater to the beach crowd (which you’d be a part of as a resident) and the everyday types of clothes or décor you need as well. There are a few places to eat along Lincoln Road but many more along the actual beachfront. This is also happens to be where some of the most appealing real estate happens to be located.

Food would be tough to cover in its entirety for this area. Eating is a popular pastime here and there is plenty of it. Prime 112, Barton G’s, Yardbird and Pane & Vino are some of the best known and most frequented spots. These places are truly memorable and living close to them brings a steady temptation to dine out.  There are also some more casual places like Beer and Burger Joint or Big Pink who do good food for less money.

Then there’s the beach. Consistently rated as one of the best beaches in the world, Miami Beach has a long stretch of shore that runs up its length. The beach is gorgeous with fine sand, very clear water (especially compared to the rest of the east coast) and plenty of sandbars. Those seeking a quieter scene can head down to 1st and Alton to look for parking near Nikki Beach. The busier parts of the beach run the length of Ocean Drive up through Surfside towards the northern part of the island. Anywhere from 5th street North through Lincoln Road will be the most packed but also has the best options for dining and shopping. Equally important to visit it the Art Deco district which includes historic landmarks, such as Versace’s home.

Miami Beach is and will remain for many years to come, a real estate hot spot. New construction and the constantly emerging social scene are high marks in its favor. Though the construction has been uneven over the past 30 years, with a competent realtor you can land in a place that suits your particular needs. But rest assured there’s plenty of beauty to behold here.