Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes is a small suburban-esque town located in the North Miami area that can best be described as a diamond in the rough. While much of North Miami lacks the luxury, high demand neighborhood feel, you’ll find that vibe is a constant in this area. Miami Lakes is a charming little town. As one of Miami’s youngest municipalities, it has modern buildings and has used its new local taxes to create a lovely atmosphere since its incorporation in 2000. Many of the developments are new and represent highly desirable real estate for those looking to stay a bit farther outside downtown. That’s not to say Miami Lakes is “far” from anything. It is right off the Palmetto Expressway which can take you straight towards downtown Miami or North towards Dolphins Stadium for a football game.

Many of the folks who live in Miami Lakes enjoy keeping their luxury home in a more suburban environment. It’s a little quieter, a little more idyllic, a little more relaxing here than other parts of Miami. And that’s saying something with a place like South Beach on the map here. Shula’s Golf Club complements this feeling well and is a good option for people not wanting to take the 20 minute drive south to Trump National, or for those who want something cheaper and local.

The local populace also spends a good deal of time on Main Street Miami Lakes. This is an area of about two city blocks that’s almost a smaller version of Lincoln Road on South Beach. It has little shops, plenty of different restaurants to eat at (Italian, American, Oriental, and Cuban) and a nice water fountain in the middle. It really has a nice sense of ambience, especially in the evening hours.

Miami Lakes’ namesake is a series of winding lakes that run throughout the town. This, combined with the tree lined streets and canopies are a stark contrast to the look and feel of North Miami. It sets this area apart and has a sort of “American Dream” quality to it as the relaxed vibe is a key reason for settling here. Miami is a bustling metropolis and Miami Lakes is the quiet relief.

Though small and with a limited amount of attractions and amenities, it’s still in Miami and many things are just a short drive off. You can find great dining locally and plenty of shopping to keep you busy on Main Street Miami Lakes. The schools here also rank higher than the public schools throughout North Miami and the downtown areas, further contributing to the family-ness of this geography. As its desirability continues to climb for its “different” feel, it would be wise to get in and settle down while there’s still space!