Miami Springs

Miami Springs is a small, quiet-ish community located in the heart of Miami-Dade and is home to many families. Lying just North of Miami International Airport, travelling is obviously of little concern to its residents. But with such a great location and plenty to do locally, who needs to get on an airplane? At a population of about 14,000 it’s one of the smaller municipalities in Greater Miami and feels more “spread out” as a result of this. In comparison to some of the other localities, Miami Springs can feel idyllic at times with its high percentage makeup of single family homes. It’s a close knit community with great family oriented activities and this makes Miami Springs real estate quite valuable.

Contributing to its family atmosphere are its low crime rates (especially being in Greater Miami) and amenities such as Miami Springs Golf and Country club, racquetball and tennis courts. The landscape is gorgeous and also benefits the local real estate with a picturesque setting, earning Miami Springs Tree City certification since 1993. You can frequently encounter families spending time together at parks or dining out at local restaurants.

Some good places to frequent if you move here might be Burritoville, Crackers or Thai Rama Sushi. Many of the establishments are locally owned and operated and the give this tight-knit community a small town vibe. The fact that Miami Springs continues to propagate such a feeling is a testament to its resilience; having been surrounded by a fast growing metropolis on all sides.

As far as shopping goes, you’ll have to travel east or west to find some hubs. A quick 15 minute ride west will take you to either Miami International Mall or out to Dolphin Mall. Each mall by itself can easily keep you occupied for days and offers a myriad of department stores and boutiques. Heading east will take you to the beach which is easily accessible and to even more good food. The best part about heading out to busier Miami Beach is being able to come home to a quieter setting at the end of the day.

Miami Springs will have a lot of what you need and whatever it doesn’t you can find close by. It does reside in the heart of Miami after all. Residents will also find they have a greater “say” in the goings on of this city with the elected leaders priding themselves on approachability. Furthermore, about three quarters of the workforce is employed by the Public works and Police departments. This creates a level of familiarity seldom seen in urban areas. It would be wise to get your hands on some real estate here if and when you can.