Miami: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


While the above quote is undoubtedly representative of Miami in general, not all parts of Miami real estate are created equal. As a sprawling metropolis with over 36 municipalities it is hugely important to be familiar with where the best places to live are. What kinds of amenities are in the community? Are there activities close by to engage in for families? Is it close to the employment hubs? There’s a lot to know and consider with regards to each city within the city and not everyone as the same preferences or needs. Potential residents need skilled help; though Miami is technically in the US, it is a city in its own category. More like an island off the coast of Florida. This may make Miami seem daunting, but it’s a good thing. That’s why people flock there.


For families looking to settle in picturesque, quieter neighborhood you can make your way over to Coral Gables. Here you’ll find a gorgeous setting with a town full of residents working hard to keep it that way. Miami Springs has a similar small-town feel where you’ll truly feel a part of the tight knit community. The village of Key Biscayne also presents these opportunities along with close proximity to the beach.


For people dying to stay close to the beach scene though, the long island of Miami Beach is the perfect place. With apartments, condos and single family homes from ocean drive up north towards Aventura, there’s plenty of space to find your dream home. Brickell and Downtown Miami are also in close proximity to Miami Beach and represent the beating heart of the city. With a huge concentration of employment opportunities in downtown, living close makes it easy. And Brickell’s nightlife is constantly dueling with Miami Beach for superiority.


Great shopping is everywhere in this city, for those living towards the west in Miami Lakes or Doral, you have quick access to Westland, Dolphin and Miami International Malls. Though they are a bit farther from the beach, there’s less hubbub and they offer a serene after-work setting that many Miami-ers yearn for. Cutler Bay has this vibe as well and combines it with a softer beach setting encompassing things like boating and fishing. Be sure to check out Coconut Grove for these things as well.


Miami has something for everyone, something for kids, adults, families and single people alike. It is a giant melting pot of cultures, fun things to do and relaxation all going on alongside one another. People dream of living there and these are the places they dream of. Not always easy to come by though so get some expert advice to help out!