Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay is a family oriented beach community resting comfortably on Biscayne Bay in South Dade. A community of about 24,000 it carefully balances the city and small town feel that resonates throughout different parts of Miami. As a community nestled up the bay, as its name implies, there is some gorgeous scenery to behold on its eastern edge. Not only do its residents have access to this, but they can easily access the extensive network of parks right in their backyard, 5 to be exact. Palmetto Bay takes pride in all its services and amenities and many of them are exceptional. This is doubly impressive due to Palmetto Bay’s nascent incorporation as a municipality of Miami-Dade County. Officially, it is the 33rd and in just a scant few years has made itself known.

Though Palmetto Bay has a population of 25,000 or so, it is still on the smaller side as far as municipalities go. The inhabitants have taken the community vibe seriously since gaining control over the city limits with the completion of things like beautification projects and making government officials accessible. If you become a resident of Palmetto Bay, you will likely feel empowered when you want change. The city officials want to hear from you and actually want to make you happy. That, by any definition, is a remarkable thing.

It’s this attitude that has led to Palmetto Bay’s highly rated schools, quaint shopping centers and beautiful parks. This brings an American Dreaminess feel to the real estate and has families looking to settle here. Families and friends commonly spend their free time enjoying the park scenery, be it at Coral Reef or Palmetto Parks, or along the shoreline. The community takes its beauty seriously and further investments are planned in this type of infrastructure; this will only keep property values on the march upward.

Aside from local dining and shopping which is more than adequate, Southland mall is just a short trip down the expressway, which is easily accessible itself. Just to the north off US-1 is The Falls as well. An outdoor, well-landscaped mall with a stream running through the center, it features plenty of upscale shopping and dining. Whether you go north or south, there’s plenty to find and see to keep you busy.

Palmetto Bay real estate is fast becoming a hot commodity. Its perception as a fast-growing desirable community is only fueling this ideal. It is quickly becoming a seller’s market here and Palmetto Bay is not a sprawling municipality. It is an idyllic, suburban village that has pride and no intention of changing, but for the better. If you’re looking to live there and be part of it, now it the time to get the professional help you need to get there.