Pinecrest is the town that has everything going for it. Stellar neighborhoods, prime real estate, a slew of recognition in favor of its beauty, and desirability. About 18,000 people inhabit this suburb and it is located just far enough south to be out of the city-ish area of Miami, but close enough that you can still get to the fun areas quickly. That is, if you ever feel like leaving. The South Florida Business Journal recognized Pinecrest as one of the 10 most desirable places to live in South Florida back in 2011. Not many things can make a statement like that. Many people would love to live here, but you may have to be sneaky to snag a place in this 8 square mile village.

The city government here takes its reputation seriously. Plenty of investments are made in beautification which has led to the village’s designation as a Tree City, Community of Respect and a Playful City as well. The tree lined streets and range of amenities help keep visitors coming back and those same visitors looking to move here as well. There are 7 parks total to make your way through and all are gorgeously landscaped and immaculately kept. As I said, beauty is a serious subject here.

A lot of activity is also centered around the Pinecrest Community Center. If provides access to a range of activities such as fitness/exercise to dance or spinning classes. There’s also plenty of age based enrichment such as activities for seniors or even SAT prep classes for teenagers.

Of course, if you aren’t feeling the community center, Pinecrest is pretty close to the Everglades, so you can easily partake in a tour. There’s also a local mini golf course for the kids (plenty of repeat visits are likely) and of course The Falls is right in your backyard on 136th street and US-1. The latter of these is likely to satiate the majority of your shopping appetite, and need to be outside. The mall is as pretty as Pinecrest, with high end establishments and a man-made stream running through it. It’s also surrounded by a plethora of restaurants on the perimeter so you can recharge after shopping.

Pinecrest itself has some charming little eateries as well such as Atelier Monnier, Apizza Brooklyn Lesto and Trattoria Luna. And of course if you want a burger and some signature rib rolls, you should try Flanigan’s out for a football game. It helps keep the dining options fresh.

Pinecrest is considered by some real estate hawks to be the crown jewel of the Greater Miami area. It ticks all the boxes buyers are looking for, good public and private schools, a host of amenities in close proximity, friendly, more subdued neighborhoods, and easy access to getting around the city. It would truly be a mistake to not at least try to get in here. If you get a smart realtor and do find your way in, well then get used to it. You won’t want to move again.