South Miami


        South Miami is located just south of Coral Gables and the prestigious University of Miami. It has many of the advantages of Coral Gables and happily lacks some of the drawbacks. Though it still contains valuable real estate, you’ll find a lack of ridiculous ordinances barring things like loud music or pickup trucks being parked in driveways. It has great proximity to pretty much everywhere in Miami and is close to all the things you’d want to be involved in. It combines the familial atmosphere with the more characteristic busy-city vibe. It’s a potent mix and makes for a great place to settle down, no matter what your situation is.

South Miami could be considered a background municipality by some, but they don’t know what they’re missing. Great food like the Japanese restaurants Matsuri or Ra are real crowd pleasers. There are also some nice places close by like Trattoria del Sol, Town and Melting Pot just to the west. Some of the more budget friendly places like Mario the Baker are great for a family dinner on Sunday night.

If you do want to venture off for food, or anything, all the major expressways are close by. The Palmetto Expressway is just off Bird Road, with the entrance to the Don Shula right next to it. US-1 is also right to the northeast side to take you up to the Gables or further on to South Beach. Many of the neighborhoods are right off the main drags, leading to bustling little communities that have a featured location. What you need is never more than 10 minutes away when you live in any part of South Miami. Even in an emergency, South Miami Hospital is a Magnet rated center, right in the heart of the city.

For things to do, you can head just a touch north to do some luxury golfing or brunch at the historic Biltmore Hotel or head up the Vizcaya Gardens. Even closer though is Tropical Park which is a gigantic plot of land featuring boating, a dog park and during Christmas, Santa’s Enchanted forest. Plenty of fun for everyone.

The shopping scene is taken care of easily with Dadeland mall and Dadeland Station. The first is a large inside mall (they do exist in Miami!) with a range of generic department stores and some luxury stores as well. Merrick Park is north in Coral Gables if you want everything high end in one place. The only hard part is figuring out where you feel like going. But if you live in South Miami, you have time to figure that out.

If you know South Miami is a great place, the only thing you have to figure out is where to live within this city. South Miami real estate is limited as anything desirable is. This place is brimming with life, opportunity and best of all, some relaxation.

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City of South Miami

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 City of South Miami Directory  Telephone
Mayor & Commission 305-663-6340
City Attorney 305-667-2564
City Clerk 305-663-6340
City Manager 305-668-2510
Finance Department 305-663-6343
Procurement Division 305-663-6339
Building Department 305-663-6355
Community Redevelopment Agency 305-668-7236
Human Resources 305-668-2515
Parks & Recreation 305-668-3876
Planning & Zoning 305-663-6326
Code Enforcement Division 305-663-6335
Police Department     305-663-6301
Public Works & Engineering  305-403-2067